Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life is as Interesting as You Write It!!

Well, at this moment in time I choose to write my life as amazing. Hello world! My name is Tashya T. Yes, that's Tasha with a Y. My parents new I was going to be different so they figured they help out the situation by adding an inappropriate Y to my name. Its fine for me, but Word's spell check is determined to change my name to TRASHY.

That's enough about my name I guess I should give everyone some of who I am. I carry many simple titles in my everyday life yet they are all complex. I am little sister, a daughter, an autie, an artist, an operations analyst, a fashionista, a comedian, and a christian all at the same time. In other words I have split I am honestly at a point in life were I am enjoying all aspects of each of these roles. Currently, my favorite is being a comedian.

A year ago I decided to take my dream of entertaining people seriously. Then God blessed me with the courage to get on stage and perform, and I fell in love. There is no greater joy that feeling like you have found your purpose. I believe mine is to make people laugh. It is a humbling and exciting journey.

Fashion is my second best friend. I believe that what you wearing is an extension of who you are. One of my favorite things to witness is two people wearing the same item in a completely differnt way. Hence, many of my blogs will be about fashion.

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